Honoring The Past, Documenting Your Legacy



Looking for "Welch Foto"?  You're in the right place!  I've rebranded & refocussed my business to honor where I came from, and focus my talents where I believe my point-of-view is unique to other photographers.  2016 brought many great honors (2016 Indiana Wedding Photographer of the Year, PPA Gold Photographer of the Year, & earning the title of 'Master Photographer', etc.) and I'm listening to what the world is telling me....

   We've become known for our creative approach to wedding photography; creating epic images in unusual locations.  We will continue to offer this service to 5-7 couples per year.

   I will also be offering up to 24 Fine Art portrait sessions per year.  These sessions are bigger productions than your standard portrait session.  There is more focus on fantastic locations, specific wardrobes, hair, makeup, styling, etc., and geared towards a final art piece that will be used to decorate your home.  Please see the "Information" tab above to find out more about these one-of-kind sessions.

   The biggest change which you probably noticed right away is the name of the studio.  I invite you to watch the video below to learn the inspiration behind the new studio name.

   One thing that will never change; my commitment to creating archival pieces that will create a legacy for your family for years to come.  Whether you walk away with a custom framed/painted canvas or an Heirloom Album, my goal is to create a piece of art your family will treasure for generations to come.


                                                                                                                                               With Excitement,

                                                                                                                                               Abbie "Jean" Thomas